For the Media: Resources and Policies

Take advantage of Dr. Bluestein’s outstanding media skills by arranging interview, dialogue, podcast, or appearance on your show. Please consider this:

Jane's-photo 1) A low-resolution photo image in JPG format is available at the left for your promotional materials. (Right-click on the photo to save to your hard drive.) A similar high-resolution image is available upon request.

2) Dr. Bluestein has given many interviews by phone, either from her office or while on the road, and may be available for an in-studio appearance. Please contact us to arrange a time that is mutually convenient.

3) If you would like a copy of The Perfection Deception to review for your interview, please contact us with a mailing address.

4) Sample interview questions with brief answers are available on this site for your convenience.

5) Dr. Bluestein has participated in a variety of media programs internationally and in the process, has found that certain formats work better than others. Because the nature of her presentations is so positive, we have found combative or confrontative formats to be unsuitable for, and inappropriate to, the topics she discusses. Under no circumstances will Dr. Bluestein participate in any program in which the interviewer is in any way abusive or disrespectful, or in program formats that involve personal attacks, sarcasm, ridicule, or any other behavior that is not consistent with her message or that is unsuitable to healthy, functional, and respectful relationships.

6) Dr. Bluestein would like to support your work by including a copy of the interview on this site, as well as a link back to your site or to the resource created as a result of this collaboration. Please let us know when the interview appears in print, online, or on the air.

If you have any questions regarding any of these issues, please feel free to contact Dr. Bluestein at 505-323-9044 or via email. Thank you for your consideration.

Click here for some suggested questions with brief answers for media interviews.

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